Introducing: Tim Totani

tim-totani-back-home-300x300Tim Totani is a singer and songwriter from McAlester, Oklahoma. His style is in the country/rock tradition of Bob Seger and John Mellencamp, and his new EP Back Home was released just last month. We’d like to thank Mr. Totani for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for us here at Musebreak.

Musebreak: First of all, tell us a little about yourself. What is your musical background? How did you get started?

Tim Totani: I grew up around music from my mom singing to me as a little boy to watching the band play at church. But I didn’t get started playing until junior high school where my music director John Wilcox influenced my passion for playing the most.

MB: I’m assuming you play guitar. Do you play any other instruments? What models do you use, and what’s your favorite?

TT: I do play guitar, and I’ve played many instruments such as violin, cello, mandolin, bass, drums, and piano. Recently, piano is probably my favorite. I play a Taylor acoustic guitar.

MB: What is your process for writing a song? What comes first, the lyrics or the music?

TT: When writing a song the process varies. Some days I have lyrics that pop in my head first that I write music for, and other time the music comes first.

MB: I mentioned Seger and Mellencamp in the intro, which to my ear are the most stylistically similar acts to your work. What do you consider the most similar? What musicians do you go to for inspiration?

TT: I have been compared to Brantley Gilbert on many occasions, and I could see that. And I listen to a lot of artist for inspiration such as Brantley, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Eli Young Band, and Eric Church.

MB: How about non-music sources of inspiration? Who or what gets your “juices flowing”?

TT: I get a lot of inspiration from everyday life; from family, to work, to simpler times in a small town.

MB: So what’s life like for Tim Totani today? Tell us about what you’re doing as an up-and-coming recording artist.

TT: Everything is great. So many people notice me and compliment me on the release of my EP. The success has been such a humbling experience. I’m new to all the recent attention, and I’m soaking it up like a sponge and just preparing for live shows.

MB: You’re new EP Back Home has six original songs of yours. How large of a pool of possible songs did you have to pull these six from? How were they selected?

TT: I wrote these songs just for the EP. Now I have four others put aside for the full length album to be released sometime in the future.

MB: Are any of these songs particularly special to you? Which ones and why?

TT: I really can’t pick a favorite.

MB: What’s next for you? Tours? Albums?

TT: Gonna work in the studio on the full length and hopefully get some live shows lined up.

MB: Let’s step away from the microphone for a second. Do you have any big ideas artistically that you’d like to try, regardless of whether or not you could be successful doing them?

TT: Maybe television or movies possibly.

MB: What advice would you offer to some young person who is just getting started as a musician?

TT: Put your heart in everything you do and always have fun doing it.

MB: Oddball question time: Let’s hear it, Sooners or Cowboys?

TT: Boomer!

Thanks Tim!

Tim Totani can be found on Facebook (, and his EP Back Home is available on Google Play  (link) and iTunes (another link). Best of luck in the future, Tim!