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2013: A Year of Accomplishments

As the new year approaches, it has been a tradition to look back over the year’s accomplishments and struggles, and give credit to those around me who have made the year a success. I am proud to view Musebreak’s launch and its continuing publications as a success. In July we began Musebreak as a way for artists to help spread the message about the value of art to those not in the field. A handful of people banded together and decided to write about art, music and literature, and possibly make a difference in some way. I would like to commend the people of Musebreak for this year’s effort. You have done a fantastic job!

In six month’s time, we’ve published 56 articles. I would like to especially thank Patrick and Fiona for their consistent efforts in getting out articles each week. For a volunteer force, I’m extremely proud of their effort to bring something of interest each week. I would also like to thank all of the others who have contributed with either articles or interviews as they could. I know it’s not easy to take time out of busy schedules to volunteer your time. Finally I would like to thank Musebreak’s audience, the readers who stop in each week to learn something new. Musebreak would be nothing without either.

Since our launch in July our viewing numbers have grown. We now regularly receive over 4000 page hits per weekly publication. I count that a success, considering we are a small organization and I hope to see us grow in the years to come. I have made requests for more writers and interviewees and have yet to have much response, but I’m hoping in the months to come, people will realize that talking about their art helps educate others to the value it brings. That they do indeed, have something important to contribute.

My goals for Musebreak in the upcoming year is to maintain our weekly publications and grow our viewing audience, and to add on more writers (before Patrick and Fiona burn themselves out). If writing about the arts interests you, please contact me via our contact page and let me know you’d like to volunteer.  Last but not least, this coming year’s goal is to hopefully get the funding to file for non-profit status. Once we jump over that hurdle we can start applying for grants so we can actually pay for contributions, something that I feel every creative should receive.

But goals are achieved one step at a time and for now, I’m pleased to report that the staff of Musebreak have achieved fantastic year. Here’s to many more publications and a world that values the arts! Cheers!