Musebreak: A Vision

When I contemplated the idea for Musebreak, I envisioned an online magazine dedicated to bringing the world information about The Arts. A place where everyday people could take a break from their everyday world and learn about the muse that inspires us all. What we deal with as artists, where we come up with our creative ideas, where our challenges lie. I believe that as creatives, we are obligated to explain our choices and talk about what drives us to do what we do, so we can break down the barriers holding us in an awe-inspired isolation; an enigma to the rest of the world. I envisioned Musebreak as an outlet for this purpose; a way to share creativity to those who have not found theirs.

Most creatives tend to hang with other creatives, because they share a common bond and draw inspiration from the symbiotic relationship. They feel understood. There’s no need to explain behaviors that don’t necessarily conform to the norm. Unfortunately, that leaves the rest of the world shaking their heads and wondering why this type of person does what they do. My vision for Musebreak would enlighten those not privy to the artistic world—I had no idea what a challenge this would be.

Being 100% volunteer, getting writers to volunteer their time has been a struggle. It is here that I have to sing the praises to the writers who have chosen to help me in this quest. Their weekly contributions are done without any type of feedback or pay. The only thing I can offer is to promote whatever artistic venture they are involved in and a space to write, free of strict deadlines or strict editorial constraints. I also feel the need to apologize for my attempts at writing, filling in the voids when they’re needed, as I am not a writer and by no means think that writing is something anyone can do. That said; I would welcome any writer who wanted to join in our cause.

Finding people to interview has also taken great effort. I literally know hundreds of artists, musicians and writers, but getting them to sit down and open up about their art is like dragging someone off to a dentist’s office. You would think an artist would jump at the chance for free promotion of their craft, but getting people sit down and talk about it is difficult to do. How do you get someone to value your craft, if you can’t take the time to inform them about it?

And yet we persevere. Our vision is to keep Musebreak alive, eventually gain non-profit status, and possibly apply for grants to help pay for the writers who do make it through our struggling infancy until our webzine takes flight. I would love to be able to show them in monetary form, that the world does value the message they give, but the dream has to have a beginning and that’s where we are today.

If you’re a writer who is interested in writing about The Arts, please send a note via our contact page that you’re interested in participating on a volunteer basis. If you’re a writer, or musician, or an artist and would love to promote your latest creation, we would love to be able to tell the world about what you do. Click on the contact page link and send us some information about your latest work. Our audience is growing with each new article we publish and we would love for you to be a part of it. Help us keep the dream alive.